Our Billboards 
Our Lady
of Guadalupe
for Life
have been a blessing on 
Missouri highways
since October 1, 2002. 
 We continue to pray daily for the apostolates success,
and ask that you support us in any way that you can.
Our Lady of
For Life
P.O. Box 22024
St. Louis, MO
We thank you,
and pray for you. 
From: Anna Maria Usslemann, L.M.C. ~Founder and President of Our Lady of Guadalupe for Life. When our group began this apostolate, we did not fully understand the work of Our Lady and her mission; but now, twelve years later, everything is coming to light as we witness people falling away from their faith. They do not acknowledge the Mother of Our Creator and our true Spiritual Mother… as our Lord Jesus gave her to each of us, from the Cross. Evidently this is why Our Lady has inspired us to place her upon the billboards, so that she can show herself as a loving mother, to bring her children to conversion… into the heart of her son, Jesus. Each day, over 550,000 cars pass by the Our Lady of Guadalupe for Life Billboards. As much as we would like to honor Our Lady, our Dearest Mother, with a shrine for her in St. Louis, we realize that we already have eight little shrines on the highways. Because of these ‘mini-shrines’… many hearts have been touched, have been converted. Mothers have changed their minds about having an abortion, and we pray that many more will continue to do so in the future. Also, many have come back to their faith because they see Our Blessed Mother calling to them, praying for them… always leading them back to God, where love reigns and fear is cast out. Our Lady has taught us that through many sacrifices, rosaries and holy hours before Our Lord in the Tabernacle, that we are cooperating with her work of bringing about the realization of the inherent dignity of every person, made in the image and likeness of God Almighty. In the work of this apostolate, Our Lady of Guadalupe for Life, we are each of us, joining Our Blessed Mother in saving lives… lives that have been created by the absolute loving glory of God! We are made for heaven, let us all help one another reach our true home. “Am I Not Here, I Who Am Your Mother?” ~The words of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego.
Archbishop Raymond Burke 

Most Rev.
L. Burke,
of the
has sanctioned 
& blessed

Our Lady of
For Life


We thank him
for his support, &
we pray for him.

The Tilma 
This is a picture taken
of the Tilma,
on which the image of
Our Lady of Guadalupe
miraculously appeared.
If you would like to
read more about the tilma,
and the story behind it,
there are several
web sites you can explore,

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